Cork Slang, Like A Dictionary of Cork Slang
by Seán Beecher
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The following is the original acknowledgements, scanned and OCR'd from the book. On my own behalf, I would of course like to thank Se?n and everyone else who was involved in creating the book, but I would also like to thank my own friends and family, who provided feedback on the creation of this website. I hope it does the book justice.
Adam Beecher

I would like to express my thanks to the many individuals who helped in the preparation of this book. I was delighted to find that people, whom I hardly knew gave generously of their time and expertise. If their advice was not always taken, if I chose to deviate from their exacting academic standards, it was because it afforded me a freedom to speculate freely on meanings and interpretations.

An t-Ollamh Pádraigh Ó Riain and Gearóid Ó Crualaoich of University College, Cork, read the manuscript and made many very valuable suggestions. I am indebted to Pól Ruiséal of An Teanglann, U.C.C., who prepared the phonetic form of the words. It was not possible, for technical reasons, to include them in the script and Peter Varian was generous enough to transcribe them on to the manuscript. Max McCarthy of the College library also provided me with books.

I could not have completed the book without the help and co-operation of Tim Cadogan of the Cork County Library. He provided me with books, suggested many sources, and was always patient and courteous. My old friend, Caoimhin Ó Súilleabháin, read the drafts, researched sources, and was always encouraging, as was John O'Mahony who listened patiently to my explanations. Jimmy Barry-Murphy also read the drafts and suggested many words, as did my mother and Noreen, Arthur Moynihan, Tim Daly, Donie Cremin and Mick Collins.

My brother, Jim in London, checked the manuscript against Wright's English Dialect Dictionary, that particular tome not being available in Cork. Esther Diggin somehow deciphered my handwriting and typed the manuscript. And finally, I would like to thank my wife, Sheila, who tolerated many inconveniences and procrastinations and always encouraged me to complete the book.
Seán Beecher

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